A.1 Revisions

This appendix describes the technical changes between released issues of this book.

Table A-1 Table A-1 Issue A

Change Location Affects
First release. - -

Table A-2 Table A-2 Differences between Issue A and Issue B

Change Location Affects
Removed Product Release Status section. Chapter 1 Introduction Issue B
IPA support statement removed. Chapter 1 Introduction Issue B
Use of Ethernet ports on page 1-4 added. 1.3 Use of Ethernet ports Issue B
Updated UART descriptions. 1.4 UART configuration Issue B

Table A-3 Table A-3 Differences between Issue B and Issue C

Change Location Affects
Updated links to Linaro site. Throughout Issue C
Link to Connected Community added. 1.1 About the Juno ADP Issue C
Firmware bundles archive text removed. 2.5 Board recovery procedure Issue C

Table A-4 Table A-4 Differences between Issue C and Issue D

Change Location Affects
Reorganized footnotes by deleting the original footnote “a”. 1.5 Monitor compatibility Issue D
Updated 3.18 kernel command-line argument, replacing DVI-D with HDMI-A. 1.5 Monitor compatibility Issue D
Deleted footnote reference for BenQ GL2450 in the “Success rate” column. 1.5 Monitor compatibility Issue D

Table A-5 Table A-5 Differences between Issue D and Issue E

Change Location Affects
No changes made. - Issue E

Table A-6 Table A-6 Differences between Issue E and Issue F

Change Location Affects
Converted to DITA. Throughout Issue F
Clarified content within section 1.1. 1.1 About the Juno ADP Issue F
Updated text following figure 1-1. 1.2 Ports and I/O Issue F
Removed redundant text from short description. 1.3 Use of Ethernet ports Issue F
Clarified success rate. 1.5 Monitor compatibility Issue F
Updated figure 2-1. 2.2 SD card filesystem layout Issue F
Clarified file path. 2.3 Flash memory programming Issue F
Updated file path and example 2-2. 2.6 Juno SoC configuration Issue F
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