6.9.2. Recommended ATB slave interface timing parameters

Figure 6.13 shows the interface timing for the ATB slaves in a CoreSight system.

Figure 6.13. ATB slave interface timing

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Table 6.5 lists the timing constraints that apply for the ATB slave interface.

Table 6.5. ATB slave interface parameters, input to register, register to output

Parameter DescriptionMaximumMinimum
TisatcensATCLKEN input setup to rising ATCLK-30%
TisatdatasATDATAS input setup to rising ATCLK-30%
TisatinfsATBYTESM and ATID inputs to rising ATCLK-30%
TisatconsATB control inputs setup to rising ATCLK-30%
TovatconsRising ATCLK to ATB control outputs valid40%-
TisatresetnATRESETn input setup to rising ATCLK-30%

Cycle percentages are with respect to the CoreSight component:

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