2.2. Platform and software requirements

You must have one of the following Windows operating systems to install and run RMHost 1.0:


Instructions for installing RMHost on a Unix platform are provided with the Unix version of RMHost. This guide describes the installation procedure for only the supported Windows operating systems.

You must also have the ARM Developer Suite® (ADS) 1.1 installed on your system.

The debugger you use must be one the following:


RMHost is not supported when using the ARM Debugger for Windows® (ADW).

If you want to view the PDF version of the RMHost and RMTarget guides, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system. Acrobat Reader is provided with ADS (see Adobe Acrobat Reader).

The ARM RMHost User Guide and ARM RMTarget Integration Guide are also viewable in DynaText as part of the ADS manual suite (see DynaText), if you select this component when installing RMHost 1.0.

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