2.1.2. Master interfaces

Within NIC-400, you can only configure TLX as a bridge, that is, TLX can only support one master interface. However, it is possible for the TLX bridge to be configured within a larger NIC, as Figure 2.1 shows.

The TLX supports all the master interfaces that the base NIC-400 product does. These are:

You can only configure an AHB master interface provided the slave interface is not type AHB, that is, neither an AHB to AHB bridge nor an AHB to AHB TLX bridge is supported.

You can configure a master interface to support QVN if:

See the ARM® CoreLink™ QVN-400 Network Interconnect Advanced Quality of Service for Virtual Networks Supplement to ARM® CoreLink™ NIC-400 Network Interconnect Technical Reference Manual.

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