5. Signal descriptions

Figure 3 shows the AXI downwards-synchronizing bridge signal connections.

Figure 3. Downwards-synchronizing bridge signal connections


In Figure 3:

  • The read channel, write channel, and low-power interface signals are standard AMBA AXI signals as described in the AMBA AXI Protocol Specification. The signal names are appended with:

    • the letter M for signals that connect to the component master interface

    • the letter S for signals that connect to the component slave interface.

  • The scan signals are not shown.

Table 4 lists the non-standard AXI and scan signals.

Table 4. Non-standard signals




ACLKSInputClock sourceClock signal from the faster clock domain
ACLKSELInputClock sourceSelect signal that indicates the relationship between the fast and slow clocks
SCANENABLEInputScan logicScan mode enable
SCANINACLKSInputScan logicScan chain clock input
SCANOUTACLKSOutputScan logicScan chain clock output
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