13.5.2. Configuring timers and profiling

The PID board has two timers available, and by default profiling and Ethernet are configured to use the same timer. The PID board uses pc sampling for profiling. This requires a fast interrupt. The interrupt service routine records where the program was when it was interrupted. If you do not use profiling or Ethernet you can use the timer for your application.

You can turn off profiling by setting a runtime debugger variable, but this does not free the timer. In the Angel PID port, profiling is specified in the PROFILE entry of devconf.h. You must recompile Angel to remove profiling support. Refer to devconf.h for more information.

System timers can be initialized by implementing the INITTIMER macro in target.s. This macro is not implemented by the PID port. It is provided as a place holder to enable you to initialize your own system timers. Refer to target.s for more information.

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