10.4.1. Area listing for the code

Example 10.2 shows the map (area listing) for the sample code:

Example 10.2.  Area listing

Base				Size		Type			RO?		Name
0x00000000				e4		CODE			RO		!!! from object file init.o
0x000000	e4			238		CODE			RO		C$$code from object file ex.o
0x0000031c				10		CODE			RO		C$$constdata from object file ex.o
0x10000000				4		DATA			RW		C$$data from object file ex.o
0x10000004				140		ZERO			RW		C$$zidata from object file ex.o

This shows that the linker places three code areas at successive locations starting from 0x0000000 (where the ROM is based), and two data areas starting at address 0x10000000 (where the RAM is based).


The figures may differ, depending on which version of the ARM Software Development Toolkit is being used.

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