3.1.3. Debugging systems

The following debugging systems are available for applications developed to run on an ARM core:

These systems are described in the following sections.

The ARMulator

The ARMulator is a collection of programs that emulate the instruction sets and architecture of various ARM processors. The ARMulator:

  • provides an environment for the development of ARM-targeted software on the supported host systems

  • enables benchmarking of ARM-targeted software.

The ARMulator is instruction-accurate, meaning that it models the instruction set without regard to the precise timing characteristics of the processor. It can report the number of cycles the hardware would have taken. As a result, the ARMulator is well suited to software development and benchmarking.

EmbeddedICE and Multi-ICE

EmbeddedICE and Multi-ICE are JTAG-based debugging systems for ARM processors. EmbeddedICE and Multi-ICE provide the interface between a debugger and an ARM core embedded within an ASIC. These systems provide:

  • real-time address and data-dependent breakpoints

  • single stepping

  • full access to, and control of the ARM core

  • full access to the ASIC system

  • full memory access (read and write)

  • full I/O system access (read and write).

EmbeddedICE and Multi-ICE also enable the embedded microprocessor to access host system peripherals, such as screen display, keyboard input, and disk drive storage.

See EmbeddedICE configuration for information on configuration options.

Refer to the Multi-ICE documentation for detailed information on Multi-ICE.


Angel is a debug monitor that allows rapid development and debugging of applications running on ARM-based hardware. Angel can debug applications running in either ARM state or Thumb state on target hardware. Angel runs alongside the application being debugged on the target platform.

You can use Angel to debug an application on an ARM Development Board or on your own custom hardware. See Chapter 13 Angel for more information.

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