2.3.1. Project window

The Project window contains a pane showing the project view, a pane showing the build log, and a status area. Figure 2.6 shows an example of the project window. The following sections describe the parts of the project window.

Figure 2.6. Project window

Project window

Project view

The project view occupies the upper pane and displays the project hierarchy. The following symbols are used to denote variants and partitions. File symbols are defined in Project files:



You can use the project view to examine various aspects of your project and select elements for action. For example, you can select a partition in which you want to add a file, or select a source file for a build.

Build log

The build log occupies the lower pane and is displayed each time you perform a build. The build log contains messages from the tools used to build your project. You can double click on many of these messages to display the line where an error was detected. The following symbols in the build log indicate the type of diagnostic message:

Informational (blue)

Warning (blue)

Error (red)

Serious Error (red)

Fatal Error (black)

Status area

The status area at the bottom of the Project window displays:

  • a button for starting or stopping a build

  • a progress display

  • a status bar that displays the current status information, or describes the currently selected user interface component, such as a menu option.

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