2.4.5. Variables

A variable holds a value used either by APM or by a build step pattern to specify a changeable aspect of your project, such as a filename or directory path.

A variable prefixed with $ is read-only, a variable prefixed with $$ can affect the actions of APM. A variable containing a $, such as path$Debug, has a standard purpose defined by APM.

You can set variables for any level of the project hierarchy.

The standard variables are:


Affects how the location of a file is resolved in the directory structure of the project.


When you create a project, this variable is set to "" and the name of the project is contained in $projectname. When you change the value of this variable, $projectname is set to the new value.


You cannot change the value of this variable directly. It contains the name of the project as assigned when you created the project or whenever it is saved. This value is also changed if the variable $$ProjectName is set to a non-empty value.


The path specifying the directory of a variant, created as a sub-directory below the directory that holds the project file. You can change the value of this variable if necessary.


This variable stores an encoding of the configuration of a tool, or the command-line arguments for a tool that is not configurable.


User-defined variables cannot begin with $

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