2.5.1. APM preferences

Follow these steps to set APM preferences:

  1. Select APM... from the Tools menu. The APM Preferences dialog is displayed (Figure 2.14).

    Figure 2.14. APM Preferences dialog

    APM Preferences dialog
  2. Select the preferences you require. An item is check-marked when selected. The options are:

    Force overwriting of existing project files

    If you create a new project with an existing filename, the original project file is overwritten without a request for confirmation.

    Save changed files quietly

    Save changed files without prompting when the project is closed.

    Continue building even if errors are found

    If an error is detected do not stop, but continue building and ignore any files that depend on erroneous components.

    Retain partition selection after adding files

    After adding a file to a partition, retain the focus for the next file addition. This is useful when a file type can be stored in more than one partition.

    Build also builds sub-projects

    Check all files in all sub-projects and perform all the builds necessary to bring the project up to date. This setting is useful when the interfaces of library files are unstable and the build time of a main project will be impacted by changes to the implementation of the libraries built by sub-projects. (Changes to shared interfaces force rebuilding anyway.) A sub-project can be built separately before building the main project if required.

    Force Build also force builds sub-projects

    Force Build builds files in all sub-projects.

    Echo command lines verbosely

    Command lines that invoke tools are echoed in full in the build log. This is useful for understanding or auditing project build behavior. Echoing command lines verbosely shows the result of merging tool configurations at the tool, project, variant, partition, and file level.

    Create New Projects from Templates found in:

    Specifies the location of the project template definitions. The default is the Template subdirectory below the main ARM installation directory.

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