2.8.6. Creating a new template

If you have a number of similar project outputs to produce that do not fit the templates provided with the ARM Project Manager, you can create your own blank template to use as a basis for new project templates. You can use an existing blank template or project template as a basis for your new blank template.

Follow these steps to create a new blank template:

  1. Select a suitable model in one of the following ways:

    • create a new project (see Creating a new project), selecting a suitable blank template

    • open a suitable existing project.

  2. Select Edit Project Template from the Project menu.

  3. Click the Edit Details button and modify the Title and the Description of the template (see Editing project template details).

  4. Select Save as Template from the File menu. The Save As... dialog is displayed.

  5. Locate the file in the directory specified in the APM Preferences dialog (Setting preferences) and give it a unique name.

  6. Click Save. The new project has now been created and is the currently active project.

  7. Modify the build step patterns listed for the template, adding or deleting build step patterns as necessary (see Editing a build step pattern).

  8. Edit any variables as necessary (see Editing a variable).

  9. Edit any tool paths as necessary (see Editing a path).

  10. Save the project.

The new template is displayed (sorted by filename) in the Type list of the New Project dialog the next time you create a new project.

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