2.8.3. Editing a variable

A variable holds a value used by either APM or by a build step pattern to specify a changeable aspect of your project, such as a filename or directory path. You can set variables for any level of the project hierarchy. For example, you could set the variable specifying the C compiler (cc) to be one tool for the entire project (cc=armcc) and create a special configuration for a particular source file (cc=tcc).

Follow these steps to edit the variables for a particular level of the project hierarchy:

  1. Select an element from the Project view (for example the Debug variant).

  2. Select Edit Variable from the Project menu. The Edit Variables dialog is displayed (Figure 2.20). The title of the dialog box reflects the scope of the changes that are being made.

    Figure 2.20. Edit Variables dialog

    Edit Variables dialog
  3. Select a variable from the scroll box or type the variable name.

  4. Type the new Value.

  5. If you have additional variables to modify, click Apply to save the change and modify another variable.

  6. When you have completed your changes, exit the dialog:

    • click OK to save the changes and exit the dialog

    • click Cancel to abandon any changes not yet applied and exit the dialog.

The following restrictions apply:

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