2.4.2. Partitions

Partitions enable you to organize the various files that make up your project in a similar way to placing them in a directory structure. Partitions exist only within APM, as an organizational convenience. Your files are not copied or moved when you add them to a partition. They remain where you normally keep them.

Partitions help to control the effect of adding a file to a project. The partitions created for a project are determined by the project template. The partitions used by standard APM templates include:


Contains source files used to build the project output. Other source partitions may be added depending on the template, such as Thumb-C, ARM-C, ASM-Sources.


Contains any files included by the sources used by the project.


Contains the object files built from the sources.


Contains other projects that are to be used in the construction of the project output. If the project output from a sub-project is a library, the library file is built in the Libraries partition.


Contains any libraries that are to be used by the project.


Contains the project output of your build as specified in the project template.


Anything else you want to add to a project.


You can use other names for partitions, this list is only an example.

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