12.16. Configuring ARMulator to use the example

The ARMulator determines which memory model to use by reading the configuration file, armul.cnf. Before the example memory model can be used by ARMulator, a reference to it must be added to the configuration file. By default, the ARMulator uses the built-in Flat or MapFile memory models.

Follow these steps to edit the configuration file so that the ARMulator selects the sample memory model:

  1. Load the armul.cnf file into a text editor, and find the following lines approximately halfway through the file:

    ;; List of memory models
    { Memories
    ;; the 'default' default is the flat memory map

  2. Change the last two lines to:

    ;; Use the new memory model instead

    where Example is the name of the model in the MemStub given in Implementation. The changed lines specify that the default memory model is now Example, rather than Flat.


    If a map file exists (or for ADW, if a map file is specified), the armmap memory model is used.

  3. Start ADW or armsd. The debugger responds:

    ARMulator 2.0
    ARM7, User manual example, 1MB memory, Dummy MMU, 
    Soft Angel 1.4 [Angel SWIs], FPE initialization failed, Profiler, Tracer, Pagetables, Big endian.

    You may see the following errors:

    • The Floating Point Emulator (FPE) initialization failed because this model does not have a standard memory map, and the FPE could not be loaded.

    • Alternatively, you might see the error:

      Initialization failed: Memory model 'Example' incompatible with bus interface

      This is the memory model reporting that it cannot talk to the selected processor (for example, ARM7TDMI, or ARM9TDMI).

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