13.2.6. Application communications

Full Angel requires use of at least one device driver for its own communications requirements. If you are using Angel on a board with more than one serial port, such as the PID board, you can either:

The PID Angel port provides examples of raw serial drivers. Refer to the Angel source code for details of how these are implemented. If you want to use Angel with your own hardware you must write your own device drivers. Refer to Writing the device drivers for more information.

Angel serial drivers

Figure 13.3 gives an overview of the Angel serial device architecture.

Figure 13.3. Angel raw serial device

Using the Thumb Debug Communication Channel

You can use cin and cout in armsd and the channel viewer interface to access the TDCC from the host. You can use the TDCC channel to send ARM DCC instructions to the processor. No other extra channels are supported.

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