A.1. About license management

FlexLM is a software licensing package that controls the usage of licensed software applications. Licensing is controlled by means of a license file that describes the software you may use and how many copies of it you may run concurrently.

You must obtain a valid license file from ARM Limited before you can run licensed ARM software. Obtaining your license file describes how to apply for your license file.

You must specify one or more computers to act as a license server, on which license management software runs. Any computer running FlexLM licensed software must either be a license server or have access to a license server.

ARM Debugger for UNIX (ADU) is one example of software that requires a license server before you can run it.

The license server can be any one of:

If you choose to use more than one, you must use three license server machines. These communicate with one another, and co-ordinate the licensing. The advantage of this is that if one of the license server machines fails to operate correctly the other two will continue to allow licensed software to be used. This arrangement is known as a ‘3-server redundant set’.

Remote license servers do not need to be running on the same hardware platform as the software they are controlling.

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