A.1.1. Installing FlexLM software

License management software for various platforms is supplied on the CD-ROM of any ARM licensed software (at present confined to UNIX-based products).

The following list shows the platforms supported, and the subdirectory containing the appropriate software for each:

Solaris 2.5


SunOS 4.1.x


HP-UX 9.x


Each directory contains the software in TAR file format, in a file called flexlm.tar.

Before applying for a license file you must install the FlexLM license management software, as follows:

  1. Copy the TAR file from the appropriate directory onto each license server machine.

  2. On each license server machine, unTAR the file using the command:

    tar xvf flexlm.tar

  3. When you have unTARed the software you need to run the makelinks.sh script. Change into the directory containing the unTARed software and type:


  4. This creates numerous hard links, one of which is lmhostid.

You need lmhostid when you complete your license request form.

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