A.3. What to do with your license file

Make a copy of the license file on each of your license servers, as follows:

  1. If you receive the license file by email you can either copy the license file section out of the message, or save the entire message to disk. The license server ignores all lines except those start with SERVER, VENDOR, or FEATURE.

  2. If you received the license file by fax you will need to create a text file and key in the information, using the editor of your choice. When data entry is complete, you can use the lmchecksum utility to check that you typed everything in correctly. Instructions for using lmchecksum are given under FlexLM license management utilities, later in this appendix.

  3. You may save the license file in any directory on each license server. It should, however, be on a locally mounted file system.

  4. You usually need to edit the VENDOR line of the license file on each license server. The default license file sent you you contains:

    VENDOR armlmd /opt/arm/flexlm/solaris

    Change the text /opt/arm/flexlm/solaris so that it specifies the directory that holds your license server software. Specifically, the directory that holds file armlmd.

  5. Remember to do this on each license server.

Full instructions for editing the license file can be found under Customizing your license file, later in this appendix.

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