5.4.2. Execution conditions

The relation of condition code suffixes to the N, Z, C and V flags is shown in Table 5.1.

Table 5.1. Condition code suffixes

EQZ setEqual
NEZ clearNot equal
CS/HSC sethigher or same (Unsigned >= )
CC/LOC clearlower (Unsigned < )
MIN setNegative
PLN clearPositive or zero
VSV setOverflow
VCV clearNo overflow
HIC set and Z clearhigher (unsigned > )
LSC clear and Z setlower or same (unsigned <= )
GEN and V the samesigned >=
LTN and V differsigned <
GTZ clear, N and V the samesigned >
LEZ set, N and V differsigned <=


	ADD		r0, r1, r2				; r0 = r1 + r2, don't update flags.
	ADDS		r0, r1, r2				; r0 = r1 + r2 and update flags.
	ADDEQS 		r0, r1, r2				; If Z flag set then r0 = r1 + r2,
							; and update flags.
	CMP 		r0, r1				; update flags based on r0-r1.
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