2.10.2. Using the ARM Project Manager C++ Templates

The APM C++ templates provide a number of options for creating C++ source files, header files, and projects.

This section describes how to create new projects based on the C++ project templates. The following general points apply to the templates:

Creating new projects

Follow these steps to create a new C++ project:

  1. Select New... from the File menu. The New dialog is displayed (Figure 2.25).

    Figure 2.25. The APM New dialog

    The APM New dialog
  2. Select Project from the list of options and click OK. The New Project dialog is displayed (Figure 2.26).

    Figure 2.26. The APM New Project dialog

    The APM New Project dialog
  3. Select the type of project you want to create. In addition to the standard options available in SDT 2.50, you can create a project based on the new C++ templates. These are:

    • ARM C++ Executable Image

    • Thumb C++ Executable Image

    • ARM C++ Object Library

    • Thumb C++ Object Library

    • Thumb/ARM C++ Interworking Image.

  4. Enter a project name and project directory for the new project.

  5. Click OK. A new project is created for the type of image or library you have chosen.

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