2.8.4. Editing a path

Follow these steps to use a tool in your project that is not on the Windows search path:

  1. Select Edit Paths from the Project menu. The Edit Paths dialog is displayed (Figure 2.21).

    Figure 2.21. Edit Paths dialog

    Edit Paths dialog
  2. Select a tool from the scroll box.

  3. Change the path as required in the Edit Path field.

  4. If you have additional tool paths to modify, click Apply to save the change and go on to modify another path.

  5. When you have completed your changes, exit the dialog:

    • click OK to save the changes and exit

    • click Cancel to abandon any changes not yet applied and exit.


Do not edit paths if your tools are on your Windows search path. Editing paths can make your project difficult to use on another machine or with other versions of the software. The Windows search path is the preferred method for locating tool DLLs. The primary reason to edit a path is to experiment with a different version of a tool DLL.

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