3.2.1. The ARM Debugger desktop

The main features of the ARM Debugger desktop are:

Figure 3.2 shows the ARM Debugger with the Execution, Console, Globals and Locals windows, in the process of debugging the sample image DHRY.

Figure 3.2. A typical ARM Debugger desktop display

A typical ARM Debugger desktop display

Menu bar, toolbar, mini toolbar and status bar

The menu bar is at the top of the ARM Debugger desktop. Click on a menu name to display the pull down menu.

If you have installed the ARM C++ compiler, a C++ menu appears between the View and Execute menus that provides options relevant only to C++ program debugging . C++ also adds its own mini toolbar. See ARM Debugger with C++ for more information.

Underneath the menu bar is the toolbar. Position the cursor over an icon and a brief description is displayed. A processor-specific mini toolbar is also displayed. The menus, the toolbar, and the mini toolbar are described in greater detail in the online help.

At the bottom of the desktop is the status bar. This provides current status information or describes the currently selected user interface component.

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