13.2.2. Minimal Angel

Minimal Angel is a cut down version of Angel that provides:

Minimal Angel keeps the raw device drivers intact because your application might have been developed to use these. Raw device drivers are device drivers that send and receive byte streams, rather than ADP packets.

You can use minimal Angel in the final stages of development, and on your production hardware.

Minimal Angel does not support features that are provided by full Angel, such as:

Minimal Angel is supplied in the following forms:

Prebuilt libraries

There are separate big-endian and little-endian minimal Angel libraries:

  • Angel\Images\pid\big\angmin.lib

  • Angel\Images\pid\little\angmin.lib.

Full source code

There is a separate build directory for minimal Angel PID port. This is Angel\Source\pid.min. It contains UNIX makefiles and an ARM Project Manager project to build minimal Angel.

Refer to Porting Angel to new hardware for more information.

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