3.6.1. ThumbCV channel viewer

To select a Channel Viewer when running the ARM Debugger for Windows:

  1. Select Configure Debugger from the Options menu.

  2. On the Target tab, select Remote_A.

  3. Click the Configure button. The Angel Remote Configuration dialog is displayed.

  4. Select the Channel Viewer Enabled option. The Add and Remove buttons are activated.

  5. Click the Add button and a list of .DLLs will be displayed.

  6. Select the appropriate .DLL and click the Open button.

    Click the OK button on either the Angel Remote Configuration dialog or the Debugger Configuration dialog to restart ADW with an active channel viewer. See Angel remote configuration for more information on the Remote_A Configuration dialog box. ThumbCV.DLL provides the viewer illustrated in Figure 3.14.

Figure 3.14. Thumb Comms Channel Viewer

Thumb Comms Channel Viewer

The window has a dockable dialog bar at the bottom that is used to send information down the channel. Typing information in the edit box and clicking the Send button will store the information in a buffer. The information is sent when requested by the target. The Left to send counter displays the number of bytes that are left in the buffer.

Sending information

To send information to the target, type a string into the edit box on the dialog bar and click the Send button. The information is sent when requested by the target, in ASCII character codes.

Receiving information

The information that is received by the channel viewer is converted into ASCII character codes and displayed in the window, if the channel viewers are active. However, if 0xffffffff is received, the following word is treated and displayed as a number.

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