12.13.3. The armsd.map File

It is the responsibility of the memory model to translate map files. New models do not understand the map file unless support is written in. Only one supplied model, armmap.c, supports this.

Adding armsd.map file support to memory models

To support the map data, a memory model has to intercept upcall UnkRDIInfoUpcall, watching for:


The debugger makes this call to pass the data parsed from the armsd.map file.

  • arg1 points to an array of RDI_MemDescr structures.

  • arg2 gives the number of elements in the array.

RDIMemory_Map can be called many times during initialization.


The model should return RDIError_NoError to indicate that memory maps are supported.


The debugger makes this call to obtain access statistics (see $memory_statistics or the equivalent in the ARM GUI Debuggers).

  • arg1 points to an RDI_MemAccessStats structure for the memory model to fill in. (One call is made for each mapped area passed to RDIMemory_Map.)

  • arg2 identifies the area by the handle passed in the RDIMemDescr passed to RDIMemory_Map.

These structures are defined in rdi_stat.h.

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