3.5.7. Profiling

Profiling involves sampling the pc at specific time intervals. This information is used to build up a picture of the percentage of time spent in each procedure. Using the armprof command-line program on the data generated by either armsd or the ARM Debugger, you see where effort can be most effectively spent to make the program more efficient.


Profiling is supported by ARMulator, but not by the EmbeddedICE interface or by Multi-ICE. Profiling is also supported by Angel, except when used with StrongARM.

To collect profiling information:

  1. Load your image file.

  2. Select Options  ? Profiling  ? Toggle Profiling.

  3. Execute your program.

  4. When the image terminates, select Options  ? Profiling  ? Write to File.

  5. A Save dialog appears. Enter a file name and a directory as necessary.

  6. Click Save.


You cannot display profiling information from within the ARM Debugger. You must capture the data using the Profiling functions on the Options menu, then use the armprof command-line tool.

After you have started program execution you cannot turn profile collection on. However, if you want to collect information on only a certain part of the execution, you can initiate collection before executing the program, clear the information collected up to a certain point, such as a breakpoint, by selecting Options  ? Profiling  ? Clear Collected, then execute the remainder of your program.

See Chapter 11 Benchmarking, Performance Analysis, and Profiling for more information on profiling.

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