3.4.4. Complex watchpoints

When you set a complex watchpoint, you specify additional conditions in the form of expressions entered in the Set or Edit Watchpoint dialog.

Figure 3.8. Set or Edit Watchpoint dialog

Set or Edit Watchpoint dialog

This dialog contains the following fields:


The variable or register to be watched.

Target Value

The value of the variable or register that is to halt the program. If this value is not specified, any change in the value of the item halts the program, dependent on the other watchpoint conditions.


Any expression that must be true for the program to halt, in addition to any other watchpoint conditions. As with breakpoints, use C-like operators such as:

i < 10
i != j
i != j + k

The program halts when all the watchpoint conditions apply for the nth time.

Setting and editing a complex watchpoint

Follow these steps to set a complex watchpoint:

  1. Select the variable or register to watch.

  2. Select Set or Edit Watchpoint from the Execute menu. The Set or Edit Watchpoint dialog is displayed.

  3. Specify the details of the watchpoint.

  4. Click OK.

Follow these steps to edit a complex watchpoint:

  1. Select Watchpoints from the View menu to display current watchpoints.

  2. Double click the watchpoint to edit it.

  3. Modify the details as required.

  4. Click OK.

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