3.7.3. Angel remote configuration

If you are using Angel or EmbeddedICE, use the Angel Remote Configuration dialog to configure the settings for the remote connection you are using to debug your application.

Follow these steps to change configuration settings for Angel:

  1. Select Configure Debugger from the Options menu.

  2. Click on the Target tab.

  3. Select Remote_A in the Target Environment field to select ADP (Angel Debug Protocol).

  4. Click on the Configure button. The Angel Remote Configuration dialog is displayed (Figure 3.19).

    Figure 3.19. Configuration of remote connection

    Configuration of remote connection
  5. Change the following configuration settings, as required:

    Remote Connection

    Chooses either Serial or Serial/Parallel depending on the connections. For Ethernet, enter either an IP address or the hostname of the target board.


    Ensures reliable transmission by sending heartbeat messages. If not enabled, there is a danger that the host and the target can get into a deadlock situation, with both waiting for a packet.


    Allows the correct serial and parallel devices to be chosen for the debug connection.

    Serial Line Speed

    Selects the Baud rate used to transmit data along the serial line.

    Channel Viewers

    Channel viewers are not supported by the ARM Debugger for UNIX (ADU).

    In the ARM Debugger for Windows (ADW) you can enable or disable the selected channel viewer DLL. See ThumbCV channel viewer for more information.

    Click the Add... button to add a channel viewer DLL to the displayed list.

    Click the Remove... button to remove the currently selected channel viewer DLL from the displayed list.

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