2.1. About the ARM Project Manager

The ARM Project Manager (APM) is a graphical user interface tool that automates the routine operations of managing source files and building your software development projects.

APM helps you to construct the environment and specify the procedures necessary to build your software. APM builds derived files as directed by your choice of project template but you have full control over the options passed to the build tools.

APM schedules the calling of development tools such as compilers, linkers, and your own custom tools. This is particularly helpful when you need to perform a sequence of operations frequently and consistently.

APM uses the concept of a project to maintain information about the system you are building. You specify what to build and how to build it. When you have described your system as a project, you can build all of it or just part of it. If the project output is an image, you can execute it or debug it by calling the ARM Debugger for Windows (ADW), or a third party debugger such as XRAY, directly from APM.

When you create a project with APM, all the tools you need for your work are accessible through the APM graphical interface (the APM desktop).

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