3.4.5. Backtrace

When your program has halted, typically at a breakpoint or watchpoint, backtrace information is displayed in the Backtrace window to give you information about the procedures that are currently active.

The following example shows the backtrace information for a program compiled with debug information and linked with the C library:

#DHRY_2:Proc_6 line 42
#DHRY_1:Proc_1 line 315
#DHRY_1:main line 170
PC = 0x0000eb38 (_main + 0x5e0)
PC = 0x0000ae60 (__entry + 0x34)

This backtrace provides you with the following information:

Lines 1-3

The first line indicates the function that is currently executing. The second line indicates the source code line from which this function was called, and the third line indicates the call to the second function.

Lines 4-5

Line 4 shows the position of the call to the C library in the main procedure of your program, and the final line shows the entry point in your program made by the call to the C library.


A simple assembly language program assembled without debug information and not linked to a C library would show only the pc values.

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