2.2.4. Correcting problems

When you build your project, you may find errors and problems. As the build progresses, messages are written to the build log (see Project window) that appears in the lower pane of the Project window. These may be informational messages or diagnostic messages from the tools that are invoked by the project template.

When the build is complete, you can double click on any error message that relates to an editable source file (such as a compile error with a file line tag) and APM takes you to the location where the error was detected. In the case of a compile error, this is the line of code listed in the log. If a line relates to a sub-project, the project is loaded into the Project Window. You can also locate errors by selecting Next Error and Previous Error from the View menu.

To find and correct the problem in the hello.c source file in your sample project, and rebuild the project:

  1. Double click on the serious error line, indicated by a solid red exclamation mark, in the build log. The Edit window displays the appropriate source file, with the line that was being processed when the error was detected highlighted.

  2. In this case, the error is due to the missing semicolon at the end of the previous line:

    printf("Hello World\n")

    should read

    printf("Hello World\n");


    Often an error in a line is detected only when the next line is being processed.

  3. Correct the error and click the Build button. When you rebuild the project:

    • APM prompts you to save the file if you have not already done so

    • the Project window becomes the current window

    • the build takes place and messages are written to the build log.

    Figure 2.5 shows the APM Desktop when the build is complete.

    Blue checkmarks appear by all three files and an informational message in the build log shows that the project is up to date. This means that the project was built successfully and that the output of every project build step involved was created after the most recent change to any of its inputs. You can now execute or debug your project.

    Figure 2.5. Successful project build

    Successful project build
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