3.2.3. Loading, reloading, and executing a program image

You must load a program image before you can execute it or step through it.

Loading an image

Follow these steps to load a program image:

  1. Select Load Image from the File menu or click the Open File button. The Open File dialog is displayed.

  2. Select the filename of the executable image you want to debug.

  3. Enter any command-line arguments expected by your image.

  4. Click OK. The program is displayed in the Execution window as disassembled code.

    A breakpoint is automatically set at the entry point of the image, usually the first line of source after the main() function. The current execution marker, a green bar indicating the current line, is located at the entry point of the program.

If you have recently loaded your required image, your file appears as a recently used file on the File menu. If you load your image from the recently used file list, the ARM Debugger loads the image using the command-line arguments you specified in the previous run.

Reloading an image

After you have executed an image you must reload it before you can execute it again.

To reload an executable image,

select Reload Current image from the File menu or click the Reload button on the toolbar.

Executing an image

To run your program in the ARM Debugger, select Go from the Execute menu or click the Go

button to execute the entire program. Execution continues until:

  • a breakpoint halts the program at a specified point

  • a watchpoint halts the program when a specified variable or register changes

  • you stop the program by clicking the Stop button.

Alternatively, select Step from the Execute menu or click the Step button to step through the code a line at a time. Refer to Stepping through an image for more information on stepping through code.

While the program executes:

  • the Console window is active, provided semihosting is in operation

  • the program code is displayed in the Execution window.

To continue execution from the point where the program stopped use Go or Step.


If you want to execute your program again, you must reload it first.

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