13.2.5. Developing an application under minimal Angel

The minimal Angel library is intended to support the later stages of debugging. It does not include full Angel features such as:

Minimal Angel is not suitable for use when you are in the development stage of your project.

Components of minimal Angel

The minimal Angel library contains almost the same initialization code, interrupt handling, and exception handling as full Angel. The device driver architecture is the same, and any Angel device driver that can be compiled as a raw device is fully supported.

The minimal library contains sufficient components to allow it to replace a full Angel system. The main difference is that an image containing an application and the minimal library initializes, and then immediately enters the application at the __entry symbol.

The minimal library is approximately one third to one fifth the size of full Angel. The actual size depends on the device drivers that are included, and on compile-time debugging and assertion options.

Building and linking a minimal Angel library

Separate build directories, makefiles, and APM project files are provided for minimal Angel.

The build directories for the PID Angel port are in:


There are separate subdirectories for Solaris, HPUX, and APM builds.

Within the Angel source code, minimal Angel build specifics are controlled by the MINIMAL_ANGEL macro. This is set to 0 for full Angel and to 1 for minimal Angel.

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