A.6.1. Server and Vendor lines

You may need to change SERVER and VENDOR lines for the following reasons:

Hostname on Server line

On occasion you may need to change the hostname of a license server. In such a case you must change the hostname in all copies of the license file that refer to that server.

If you supplied three hostnames on the license request form then there are three server lines in the license file.

TCP port on Server line

It is possible to specify on a SERVER line the TCP port that the license manager uses to communicate with the licensed software. If not specified the license manager will use the next available port in the range 27000-27009. When connecting to a server, an application tries all the ports in the range 27000-27009.

A port number must be specified on each SERVER line if a 3-server license is in use.

Daemon path on Vendor line

On a VENDOR line you may need to change the second parameter, the pathname of the vendor daemon executable. This pathname must point to the directory containing file armlmd.

If the license server was running on a SunOS machine then the Vendor line could be similar to:

VENDOR armlmd /opt/arm/flexlm/sunos

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