A.8.1. All products use the same server

If the license files for every product contain exactly the same Server lines, ignoring different TCP port numbers, then there are two possible solutions:

  1. Start a separate lmgrd daemon for each license file. There are no real disadvantages with this approach, as the separate daemons consume very little system resources or CPU time.

  2. Combine the the license files together. Take the the SERVER line from one of the license files then add all of the other lines, that is the DAEMON/VENDOR and FEATURE lines, to create a new license file.

    You will need to store the new combined license file in


    or give its location via the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable.

    Now start lmgrd using the new license file. Remember that you must use the latest version of lmgrd that is used by any of the products. You can use the command lmgrd -v or lmver lmgrd to find out the version of each lmgrd.

    If the version of lmgrd is earlier than any of the vendor daemons, you see error reports such as: Vendor daemon cannot talk to lmgrd (invalid data returned from license server)

    Leave a symbolic link to the new license file in all the locations which held the original license files.

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