A.8.2. All products use different license servers

If all the products use different hosts to run the license managers, then you must keep separate license files for each product.

Set the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to point to the locations of all the license files, for example:

setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE license_file1:license_file2: ...:license_filen


FlexLM version 6.0 allows each software vendor to have an individual environment variable for finding the license file for their products. The environment variable name is xxx_LICENSE_FILE where xxx is the name of the vendor license daemon. In the case of software from ARM Limited the vendor daemon is called ARMLMD, therefore the environment variable for ARM software is ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE. FlexLM version 6.0 vendor daemons always look for the vendor specific environment variable, ahead of the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable.

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