2.3.3. Edit window

Use the Edit window to create or modify a source file, such as a code file or an include file. This window is opened when you:

Figure 2.7 shows an example of the Edit window. The Edit window provides a fully functional editor in which you can copy, paste, search, and replace using the appropriate toolbar buttons or the menu selections in the Edit menu.

Figure 2.7. Edit window

Edit window

If you are editing a source file as a component of a project, you can perform a build using that source file from the Edit window by clicking the Perform Build Step button. You are prompted to save the file if you have not already done so. The Project window is displayed and the results of the build appear in the build log.


To build from a single source file, you must access the file as part of a project because APM uses the project template to determine how to process the file.

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