2.4.8. Converting old projects

If you open a project that was created with an earlier version of the ARM Project Manager, you are asked to confirm that you want to convert the project to the current format. After you convert a project file to a later format, you can no longer read it with the earlier version of APM.

Follow these steps to convert an old project to the current format:

  1. Open the project. The Project Conversion Wizard starts (Figure 2.13).

  2. Confirm that the conversion should proceed, and that the old file can be overwritten.

  3. Click the Next button to proceed.

    Figure 2.13. Project Conversion wizard

    Project Conversion wizard
  4. Examine, and change if necessary, the project name and directory, then click the Next button.

  5. Verify the source files that are to be added to the project, and click the Next button. By default all files belonging to the original project are carried over to the new project file.

  6. Confirm that you want to proceed with the conversion by clicking the Finish button. If you elected to overwrite the existing file, the conversion cannot be reversed.

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