2.6.3. Performing a single build step

You can process and generate output from a single file if it is associated with a project and if the file has been opened as a part of that project. If a build step can be performed on the file (if it can be compiled or assembled, for example) the appropriate menu item in the Project menu is enabled and labeled with the name of the build step pattern for the build step. If the project template does not define a build step for the selected file type, the menu item and the button are disabled.

For example, if you have several source files in your hello project, and select hello.c from the Release variant, the item on the Project menu would read:

Compile hello.c "Release"


Compile is a term specified withinthetemplate. Any build type tool can be used to build an output file from a source file. See Adding a build step pattern for more information on assigning tools to a template.

Follow these steps to perform a build step on a single source file:

  1. Select hello.c from the Project Window.

  2. Click the Perform Build Step button (the tool tip reflects which build step is executed) or select Compile hello.c "Release" from the Project menu.

  3. The actions associated with the Compile build step are executed and the results are displayed in the build log pane.

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