5.8.1. Test and branch macro example

A test-and-branch operation requires two ARM instructions to implement.

You can define a macro definition such as this:

$label		TestAndBranch  $dest, $reg, $cc
$label		CMP		$reg, #0
		B$cc		$dest

The line after the MACRO directive is the macro prototype statement. The macro prototype statement defines the name (TestAndBranch) you use to invoke the macro. It also defines parameters ($label, $dest, $reg, and $cc). You must give values to the parameters when you invoke the macro. The assembler substitutes the values you give into the code.

This is an example of how this macro can be invoked:

test		TestAndBranch				NonZero, r0, NE

After substitution this becomes:

test		CMP		r0, #0
		BNE		NonZero
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