7.3.1. Specifying APCS options

By default, the APCS options for the ARM assembler and compilers are the same for ARM and Thumb. The default options are:


If your code is compiled with other options, for example with software stack checking enabled (/swstackcheck), then you must ensure that all ARM modules and Thumb modules are compiled to the same standard if they are to be interworked.

If you do not do this, the linker informs you where the incompatibilities occurred by generating warning messages of the form:

Attribute conflict between AREA object(area) and image code.
(attribute difference = {NO_SW_STACK_CHECK}).

Refer to Chapter 6 Using the Procedure Call Standards for more information on APCS.

Refer to the ARM Software Development Toolkit Reference Guide for more information on command-line options to the assembler and compilers.

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