7.5.1. Choosing a template

Follow these steps to choose a template:

  1. Within APM select New from the File menu.

  2. In the New dialog select Project and click OK. The New Project dialog is displayed.

  3. Select a template from the Type box. A descriptions of the template is displayed in the field Template description when you make a selection.

    For interworking it is best to choose the Thumb-ARM interworking image or the Thumb-ARM C++ Interworking image and follow the instructions in Using the Thumb-ARM interworking image project.

    Refer to Modifying a project to support interworking for information on converting an existing Thumb or ARM project to an interworking project.

  4. Enter a Project Name and a Directory in which to create it and click OK. An empty project based on the template is created in the directory you specified.

    The project tree view is displayed:

    • press * on the numeric keypad to expand all branches

    • press + to expand the selected branch

    • press - to collapse the selected branch.

    Alternatively, click the mouse on the plus/minus icons in the tree view. Double clicking on an item toggles expansion.

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