11.3.1. Measuring performance

There are two debugger internal variables that contain the cycle counts. These can be displayed using the armsd print command, or by selecting Debugger Internals from the ADW or ADU View menu:


can be used to output any statistics that the ARMulator has been keeping.


shows the number of cycles of each type since the previous time $statistics or $statistics_inc was displayed. This is only applicable for armsd, or the command-line window in ADW or ADU.


outputs the difference between the current statistics and the point at which you asked for the $statistics_inc_w window. This is only applicable for ADW or ADU, not for armsd.

Make sure you have not compiled with source-level debugging enabled (armcc -g+), because this causes sub-optimal code to be generated (larger and slower). The -01, -02 and -gt compiler options can reduce this. Refer to Chapter 2 The ARM Compilers in the ARM Software Development Toolkit Reference Guide for more information on the effect of debug and optimization options.

If your code makes use of floating-point mathematics, a considerable amount of time may be spent in the floating-point code (libraries or FPE).

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