11.5.2. About armprof

The ARM profiler, armprof, displays an execution profile of a program from a profile data file generated by a debugger. The profiler displays one of two types of execution profile, depending on the amount of information present in the profile data:

The compiler automatically prepares the code for profiling, so no special options are required at compile time. At link time, you must ensure that your program image contains symbols. This is the default setting for the linker.

You can only profile programs that are loaded into store from the debugger. Function call counting for code in ROM is not available. You must inform the debugger that you wish to gather profile data when the program image is loaded. The debugger then alters the image, diverting calls to counting veneers.

The debuggers allow the collection of pc samples to be turned on and off at arbitrary times, allowing data to be generated only for the part of a program on which attention is focussed (omitting initialization code, for example). However, care should be taken that the time between turning sampling on and off is long compared with the sample interval, or the data generated may be meaningless. Turning sampling on and off does not affect the gathering of call counts.

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