11.5.3. Collecting profile data

The debugger collects profiling data while an application is executing. You can turn data collection on and off during execution, so that only the relevant sections of code are profiled:

The format of the execution profile obtained depends on the type of information stored in the data file:

pc sampling

provides a flat profile of the percentage time spent in each function (excluding the time spent in its children).

Function call count

provides a call graph profile showing the percentage time spent in each function, plus the percentage time accounted for by calls to the children of each function, and the percentage time allocated to calls from different parents.


No count is taken if the function calls children through an ARM-Thumb interworking veneer.

The debugger needs to know which profiling method you require when it loads the image. The default is pc sampling. To obtain a call graph profile:

Then execute the code to collect the profile data.

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