12.4.1. Configuring the profiler

The Profiler section in the configuration file is as follows:

{ Profiler
;; For example - to profile the PC value when cache misses happen, ;; set:

By default, this is empty. If uncommented, the example shown allows profiling of cache misses.

The Type entry controls how the profiling interval is interpreted. (The profiling interval n is set using the armsd command profon n, or from ADW, using the Debugger tab of the Debugger Configuration dialog, as shown in Debugger.):


the default is that samples are taken every microsecond.


samples are taken every n instructions, where n is set using the armsd command profon n. For example, profon 2. Setting this value in the GUI is described in Debugger.


samples are taken every n cycles.


the profiling interval is ignored. Instead, all relevant events are profiled. See Events of the ARM Software Development Toolkit Reference Guide for more information on events.

EventMask=event_number is also allowed (see the section Tracer).

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