12.12.2. ARMulator SWIs

In addition to the standard Angel SWIs, the ARMulator uses a set of SWIs for default exception vector handlers. These are known as the soft vector SWIs. The soft vector code is installed by the Angel model.

There are two sets of SWIs:

SWIs 0x90 – 0x98

are used to implement $vector_catch; that is, they return control to the debugger if the user has set $vector_catch for the relevant exception vector. SWI 0x90 is used for the reset vector; 0x91 for the undefined instruction vector, and so on.

SWIs 0x80 – 0x88

are used to stop the ARMulator if the exception cannot be handled. The 0x80 SWIs are used as a final stop if the exception is not caught by such an exception handler.


These SWIs are for internal use by the ARMulator only.

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