12.13.1. About RDI

The debugger communicates with ARMulator using RDI, whether it is the command-line armsd, ADW or ADU.

The RDI allows the debugger to configure:

Other information is sent over the RDI. Models can intercept the UnkRDIInfoUpcall to receive this data. Some of the sample models do this, for example:


intercepts the memory map information coming from the debugger. See The armsd.map File.


intercepts RDIErrorP, RDISet_Cmdline and RDIVector_Catch, RDI_Semihosting_SETARMSWI, and RDI_Semihosting_SETThumbSWI.


responds to the debugger's request about the emulated MMU.


intercepts the profiling calls from the debugger to set up information such as profiling maps, enable profiling, and write-back profiling data.


responds to the RDIInfo_Points call from the debugger, responding that watchpoints are available.


It is not possible to add further control of the ARMulator from the debugger by, for example, the addition of extra commands or pseudo-variables.

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