13.2.1. Full Angel debug agent

Full Angel is a stand-alone system that resides on the target board and is always active. Full Angel is used during the development of the application code. It supports all debugger functions and you can use it to:

Full Angel is supplied in the following forms:

In target board ROM

The ARM development and evaluation boards are supplied with full Angel built into ROM, or Flash, or both. To use Angel in this form you simply connect your target board to a host machine running a debugger, such as ADW, ADU, or armsd.

Prebuilt images

Full Angel is supplied as prebuilt images for the ARM PID board with SDT 2.50. These are located in:

  • Angel\Images\pid\little for a little-endian configuration of the ARM PID board

  • Angel\Images\pid\big for a big-endian configuration of the ARM PID board.

The supplied binaries are:


This is a ROM image of full Angel. You can use this image in place of the Angel in your target board ROM if your board contains an older version. In addition, if you are porting Angel to your own hardware this image provides you with a working default to test against.


This is an Intellec Hex format version of full Angel.


This is a Motorola M32 version of full Angel.

Refer to Downloading a new version of Angel for information on how to download a new version of Angel to the target.

Full source code

You can port the Angel source code to your own development board if you are developing an application on your own hardware. Refer to Porting Angel to new hardware for more information.

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